Easter Dinner Name Tags



In anticipation of my family coming over for my first family gathering I wanted to create something cute and memorable... because I plan for everyone to be in a food coma after dinner.

This is our first full year in our first house and its had A LOT of work done to it and a lot more to do so far...I mean this place was nasty... but that's a story for another time. I also started Onyx since we bought our home, so I have to show off my skills to my family and make them all jealous of course...because that's what family does right? or is that just us? I'm kidding we are all very supporting of each other.

So I wanted to do something Easter themes and not something cheesy, I also wanted this something to be useful and cute! So I hit Pintrest and I found next to nothing! Until I found this post:

I thought now there is an idea I can get behind! and instead of numbers I could put everyone's name on them, because with only 2 of us living in our home we only need so many cups so this is would be an easy way for people to keep track of their cup they will be using throughout the day and still being as eco friendly as possible! 

To give these name tags an Easter twist I cut the paper out in the shape of an egg! and as an added bonus I left them blank so everyone can get a little creative and decorate their own egg name tag... say that 10 times fast!! 


So super simple to make! 

step one: write or print names on paper (TIP: use a hevery paper, I used 110lb card stock)

step two: cut out paper in the shape of an egg (TIP: use a stencil and pencil so all your eggs look the same)

step three: cut 2 slits top and bottom so your straw can fit through

step four: decorate and enjoy!

I do wish I had gotten my hands on those super cute paper straws, but my plastic ones will have to do. 


Laura Cleasby